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3 services

  • Real estate brokerage
    We offer one stop service for overseas real estate such as maintenance and leasing. While many people feel the same that it is difficult to inspect and see the properties due to overseas, we offer services that meet everyone's expectations.
  • Serviced office business
    There are many Japanese companies that have made our overseas businesses successful as our clients, and you can exchange useful information through various networking parties with our clients. We will provide an environment that enables smooth business transfers.
  • Business expanding support in Vietnam
    We will solve various challenges that you might face in business expansion to Vietnam. We offer the services like the real estate brokerage, local information gathering and Vietnam business tour. We also organize the meeting with trustworthy local attorneys, tax accountants and business partners for our clients.

Our advantages

Business tie-up with a local Japanese law firm

The global consulting firm offers the best solutions to clients doing businesses in China, ASEAN countries and Japan.
Specialists from a variety of fields, such as legal works, accountants, tax services, personnel labor issues and marketing get together and cooperate with each other to show the best performances

Partnership with former ambassador extraordinary and plenipotentiary of Vietnam

The ambassador extraordinary and plenipotentiary is the head of the diplomatic mission and the highest rank. It is dispatched as the head of the recipient country and has the task of engaging in diplomatic negotiations, signing and signing treaties as a representative of plenipotentiaries, and protecting the citizens who stay.
It is an important mission to be dispatched as government representatives of international organizations such as the United Nations.
In Rebible Co., Ltd, we welcomed Mr. Hattori, An Ambassador to the former Special Administrative and Plenipotentiary to our company adviser, in order to give our clients safer investment circumstances.

We have full knowledge about real estate investment, because we have a lot of experiences developing the assets in Japan.

As a company which understands real estate, you wouldn’t mention anything if you don’t invest in real estate yourself.
We can maximize the investment returns for our clients, because we have deep knowledge about not only real estate development experiences in Japan, but also in real estate investment.

Leasing and maintenance capability

We try to find lessee from both sides of Japan and Vietnam, and have better services, such as interior construction, inspection, maintenance of facilities and daily maintenance.